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Our company was founded by our partners father ‘s Mr.Hasan INCE in 1975 under the name of Murat Melamine CropScience AG company in Bayrampasa.Melamine industry in 1990 after serving for a long time Chairman of the Board of Directorsof our company by the Preferred Import Vahap INCE Gifts Glassware and Glass ProductsTrade Industry Limited Company is a new service building Mercan Tahtakale glassware, gift items, glass products and trades in the field of activity has added. After 10 years, continue to work here in 2000, currently serves 700 m2 of our showroomshave moved in Istoc . Many companies outsource some production of goods and manufactured goods alsoexpanded the field of activity.

Now ;Turkey is currently in a very exclusive shops selling items at wholesale in İstoc as a company we continue our activities.

In 2010 to expand our product portfolio in China, Dubai, India, Taiwan, as we import from the Far East have begun to focus more operations.

As a company, selling our portfolio of more than 3,000 products are available.

With the slogan YOUR CHOOSE THE RIGHT CHOOSE our professional team working on behalf of our clients deserve.